The University of Cantabria (UC) hosted a national conference on HERMES project. The director of the Library, María Jesús Saiz, and the head of the UC Interlibrary Loan Service, Carmen Lomba, welcomed 60 librarians and professionals taking part in the conference, organised by the UC Library (BUC) in Tower A of the Tres Torres Building.

On Friday 30 September, the Spanish Conference of the European HERMES Project took place at the University of Cantabria, together with the meeting of users of the GTBIB programme, where the shared use of information resources in Spanish libraries have been discussed, and which has been attended in person by librarians from most of the universities throughout the country.

The meeting discussed the evolution of the European Hermes project, in which REBIUN Red de Bibliotecas (Crue Universidades Españolas) and the National Catalogue of Health Sciences (Instituto de Salud Carlos III) are associated, serving as a forum for participation in this international initiative, in which the University of Cantabria Library is one of the partner members.

During the meeting, the latest developments of the GTBIB document retrieval software, used in most of the participating centres, have also been presented. The problems of the current legal framework of intellectual property in relation to the sharing of documentary resources have been addressed. The work and objectives of the Shared Services subgroup of REBIUN University Libraries Network have also been presented.

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