The conference “Gestione FAIR dei dati della ricerca” (FAIR management of research data) has been organized at the CNR Dario Nobili Library in Bologna with the aim of introducing researchers to Open Science (one of the pillars of the HERMES project) and in particular to the concepts of Open and FAIR Data.

Looking at digital resource sharing from the point of view of researchers, the key concepts to be explored were those related to the writing of a Data Management Plan or to the deposit and preservation of their research project data in order to meet the requirements of the funding bodies. Since Horizon Europe and other funding programs require a Data Management Plan for the data that will be produced or used within a research project, researchers have been particularly interested in the topic.

Speaker: Paola Masuzzo, independent researcher, Open Science activist and Open Data expert The presentation explores challenges and opportunities around research data and their FAIR management. Specifically:
• a definition of research data, and their provenance
• an overview of FAIR principles, and how these help in data management
• the relationship between FAIR and open data
• an introduction to the Data Management Plan

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