During HERMES Project we produced different kinds of videos for different purposes:

  • An introductory video explaining the ideas underpinning the HERMES Project
  • 3 short interviews with trainees participating in Training @Doha (Qatar) ILDS Pre Conference
  • 6 short testimonies produced by volunteer librarians based in Italy, Spain and Argentina where they tell about the experience being volunteering in RSVD Community. To collect these testimonies the project launched an open call in January 2023: https://www.hermes-eplus.eu/2023/01/25/do-you-participate-to-rscvd-community-we-need-you/ The call is always open if you want to contribute with short video you are still on time, please write to biblio-education@area.bo.cnr.it
  • An introductory video to TALARIA software

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